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Jeff Edberg is That Kind of Greatness
There are few times in ones life when you have the opportunity to meet and work with someone great. By great I mean someone who stands out as a leader; one whose example bears witness to the quality of their person, work ethic, thoroughness of purpose, eye for detail and keen awareness as to the value of each individual.

Jeff Edberg is that kind of greatness. I have worked with him successfully with respect to our business and in the follow up issues which have developed. He is always there ready to help regardless of the length of time from the completion of the transactions. He is adroit with data, the positives and negatives of decision making. His experience has armed him with a range of tools which span administration to zoning, laced with the facility to work with professionals and nonprofessionals alike from numerous disciplines.

He knows and applies the basics in the face of innovation and fast paced technology.

When you work with him, it always seems that you are the most important person and not only is he there with answers, but follows through on the myriad of details which arise. He is tireless and dedicated to the goals and success of your mission.

Jeff is the kind of person who stands as an example of honesty, hard work, total professionalism in his presentation and securing quality results.

Daniel Coon, Iowa City, Hawkeye Gymnastics
Superlative Commercial Real Estate Agent
Jeff is a superlative commercial agent. He knows what is available and listens carefully to the needs and desires of his clients to be sure he shows them appropriate properties. He is absolutely spot on with details and follow-through, making working with him easy and a pleasure.
Dan Brown, Iowa City, Iowa City Press Citizen
Mr. Commercial Real Estate
Jeff is Mr. Commercial Real Estate! He knows the market, listens to his client’s needs and has established relationships in the community that set him apart from other Realtors. I am pleased to recommend Jeff!
Jan Crosby, Iowa City, Lepic-Kroeger, REALTORS
In-Depth Knowledge of The Real Estate Business
Is a master at his profession, an astute “numbers” guy with an in depth knowledge of the real estate business, both commercial and residential.
Mark Ruggeberg, Iowa City, CFO at Brooks & Ruggeberg LLC
Jeff Knows Commercial Real Estate
Jeff knows real estate, and in particular, commercial real estate as well or better than anyone I know or with whom I work. He is great guy and extraordinarily professional. Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable about the market and will take great care of you.
Steven C. Anderson, Iowa City, Attorney
Vast Knowledge of Real Estate
Jeff has helped me enormously in the area of commercial real estate. Ever since I have known Jeff he has been wonderful to work with. Jeff’s vast knowledge of real estate along with his ability to “think out of the box” are tremendous especially when he couples these talents with his willingness to understand his client’s needs. Whether a person is a novice or an experienced real estate investor, I would recommend Jeff to anyone.
Jordan DeGrazia, Iowa City, D.C.
Best Source of Info for Commercial Real Estate
Jeff has proven he is the best single source of information for commercial real estate in the area. He has earned my trust.
Tom Bender, Iowa City, Investor and Developer
I Recommend Jeff to Anyone Buying or Selling Commercial Real Estate
As President of Freedom Security bank and as an active commercial real estate lender, my clients and I have worked with Jeff from “both sides of the desk”, as both sellers and buyers, for a number of years now. Given Jeff’s depth of knowledge and experience, but just as importantly his ethical integrity, I’ve never hesitated to recommend Jeff to a client, or to use Jeff myself whenever the bank has needed to sell commercial real estate.
Dan Uphoff, Iowa City, President of Freedom Security Bank
Thoughtful, Energetic & knowledgeable
I have had the opportunity to work with Jeff on multiple projects over the last 10 years. He is consistently thoughtful, energetic, knowledgeable, resourceful and honest.
Richard Larew, Iowa City, M.D.
Connected to Current Affairs in Commercial Real Estate
I have found Jeff to be responsive, well informed and connected to the current affairs in the commercial real estate market and strives for positive results for sides of the transaction.
Jack Muller, Iowa City, Insurance Associates of Iowa
Knowledgeable Commercial Realtor in Iowa City
Jeff is an extremely knowledgeable, community driven, commercial realtor who buyers or sellers trust to engage when making their real estate decisions. I highly recommend working with Jeff if you are a first time investor or someone who has purchased many commercial properties as Jeff works with all buyers and sellers in the same professional manner.
Steve Crane, Coralville, President, Corridor State Bank
Keeps Our Buildings Occupied and Profitable
Jeff has done a great job of keeping our buildings occupied and profitable. He works hard and is very effective.
Randy Van Winkle, Coralville, VJS Executive Park
Trust, Integrity & knowledge
Trust, integrity and knowledge; all reasons we choose Jeff Edberg for our Commercial Real Estate needs.
Polly Pagliai, Johnston, JLS Inc, Pagliai's Restaurant
Expertise in Real Estate Matters
I’ve known Jeff for many years and have always valued his expertise in real estate matters.
George Hollins, Coralville, On-Track LLC
Thank You Edberg Team
I want to thank you again for your blindly successful marketing of my mother’s home. Seamless barely describes the totality of the pleasant experience. Your team’s one-two-three approach to listing, selling & maintaining the sale is really appreciated.

For many reasons, I regret seeing this transaction come to its necessary resolution. For the first time in over 65 years, my immediate family will have no home in Iowa, and our extended family goes back many generations to well before the Civil War.

I don’t know to what extent our buyer has any interest in a sense of history, but for information purposes only, there is a single white rose bush in the back yard. My parents had a larger rose garden, and for their 60th anniversary, my father gave my mother a blush white rose, appropriately named the Hawkeye Belle. He passed soon thereafter. That rose alone survived the 2008 flood and flourishes today.

Sometimes it is not a good idea to pass along such information. If you deem that this is the case, it is not necessary to mention it at all & let the chips fall where they may. If you think the buyer would be interested in such information, please pass it along with our best wishes. It is our sincere wish that Mr. Harding enjoy the home as much as our family has. It is a wonderful life on the river, and I can visualize his boat sweeping back and forth. There are fish to catch and animals to watch and a direct connection to the wonderful illusion that only living on water can bring.

Nancy, Iowa City,
High Ethical Standards in Real Estate
I have worked with Jeff several times. Each time he has worked with high ethical standards and worked diligently to get the job done. I would highly recommend Jeff.
Bill Ferrel, Coralville, Genesis Sustainable Development
Honored to Recommend Jeff Edberg
Jeff is dynamic, exuding enthusiasm and passion inspiring others; a strong leader and visionary with an impeccable reputation throughout the community. Jeff is devoted to his family, business and community. Jeff is a bright,thoughtful, hard working-successful businessman who gives generously of his time, talent and treasure. I am honored to recommend Jeff.
Bill Reagan, Iowa City, Executive Director, The ARC of Southeast Iowa
Sold Our Property in a Timely Manner at Great Price
Jeff was able to facilitate a sale of one of our properties, getting the price we wanted, in a timely manner. The transaction went quite smoothly; Jeff and his professional staff were easy to work with.
Cindy Parson, Iowa City, Investor, Attorney
Great Real Estate Broker
Jeff helped secure the new 275,000 square foot California headquarters for the California Department of Justice. He was thorough, competent, innovative and diligent throughout the process. He is a great broker worthy of the challenge this landmark building presented.
Wayne Smith, Sacramento, CA, Office of California Attorney General
I Would Recommend Jeff, Iowa City Commercial Realor, to Anyone
Jeff Edberg was one of the first people I met when I moved my family and our new business to Iowa City. Within minutes of our first meeting I could tell Jeff was truly looking out for my best interest. He is a wealth of knowledge, and a has tremendous understanding of the commercial real estate market. Jeff has earned my business through his hard work, honesty, and overall integrity. He continues to be a long term, trusted advisor for myself and my business. I would recommend Jeff to anyone.
Greg Dardis, Coralville, President & CEO, Dardis Communications / Dardis Clothiers
Active Real Estate Agent in Iowa City
As a real estate appraiser current and accurate market data is necessary to produce credible appraisal reports. I have always found Jeff to be very knowledgeable and a reliable source of information when I have had questions about his listings. Jeff has proven to me to be an active real estate agent who is well aware of the market and a valuable resource.
Hal Kleinsmith, Iowa City, MRS Appraisals
Dean of Iowa City's Commercial Realtors
Jeff Edberg is the dean of Iowa City’s commercial Realtors. His knowledge, professionalism, and work ethic are reasons he has more commercial listings in Johnson County than any other Realtor. We greatly value his marketing efforts on our behalf for available office and retail properties.
Jody Braverman, Iowa City, Southgate Development
Highly Recommend Jeff as a Top Notch Realtor
I worked with Jeff on purchasing a building to expand Life Line Emergency Vehicles in Sumner, Iowa. Jeff went above and beyond to help me secure this building and a very fair price. It took a lot of communication and patience but we got the job done. I would highly recommend Jeff as a top notch realtor and would use him again.
Connie Leicher, Sumner, IA, President, Life Line Emergency Vehicles, Inc
Secured Ideal and Unlisted Property For Us
eff clearly appreciated our position and goals in our property search. He was focused on achieving the best outcome for our business and pursued it actively. Jeff aggressively secured an ideal and unlisted property for us just ahead of another potential buyer. He is a true professional and we would not hesitate to work with him again.
Matt Hartz, Iowa City, GM, New Pioneer's Cooperative Society
Highly Recommend Jeff Edberg as a Real Estate Broker
I would highly recommend Jeff Edberg as a Real Estate Broker. Jeff is extremely professional and a bulldog when it comes to moving real estate. His staff is diligent and detail oriented and a delight to work with. I will definitely continue to work with Jeff in the future.
Mick Fletcher, Iowa City, Market President, Two Rivers Bank & Trust
Thank You
I just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for putting me in touch with Jeff Edberg. I am keenly aware that the needs that I have for commercial space are likely quite insignificant in comparison to the work that Jeff might be more frequently engaging with but the experience that I had with Jeff was in no way reflective of that.
Not only did Sandy have me seeing a potential property the very same day I spoke with you but I also had what turned into a 3 hour meeting and property search with Jeff the very next day. My circumstances left me in need of fairly immediate space and Jeff and Sandy both did an amazing and informative job of walking me through that process.

I very much appreciate the call you made and wanted to let you know that the experience you told me I would have was above and beyond my expectations!

Kara Houser, Iowa City,
Engaged Broker
Jeff, you are the most engaged broker I have ever worked with…I appreciate everything you bring to the table.
Eric Anderson, Iowa City, Ryan Companies

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