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The Best Real Estate Company

Posted by Jeff Edberg on September 12, 2014
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9cpRxXdcEWhat is the BEST REAL ESTATE COMPANY, or the BEST REAL ESTATE AGENT? The truth is there isn’t one! Many companies and agents proclaim that they are the best, but sadly, no one is. The reality is that among the 395 agents and 55 offices that serve this area there are strengths and weakness for all candidates.
So, if we can dispense with hyperbole, let’s drill down a bit and see what qualities are admirable and desirable in a company or agent. Many will claim that the top position belongs to the top seller in terms of volume of sales and leases of real estate. There is some truth to this, as sales volume is a good measure of whom else has “voted” with their allegiance for this company or agent, but there is certainly more than sales volume to consider. Some say the average price per sale, or the average time on the market are good indicators of real estate prowess. An interesting concept, but again, not conclusive. Longevity in the industry is touted again as an accurate measure of quality, but it may just be an accurate measure of age!

I believe I can add some clarity. A real estate agent is going to guide you through something that has high monetary stakes and is intensely personal at the same time. If you pick the wrong home, investment, mortgage, or commercial location you don’t get an automatic “do over”. Clients need expert, intelligent help to make good decisions the first time. A good agent will listen to what you say and what you don’t say. A good agent will have experience to guide you around unseen pitfalls to the right decision for you. A good agent puts your interests above all others, including their own, and serves you to meet your goals. A good agent can say yes, or no. A good agent has integrity to tell you what they believe, even if you prefer not to hear it, and then do what you ask them to do. A good agent will often make the process look simple and easy, even when it is complicated and difficult. A good agent is worth having.

The Iowa City area is blessed with many, many good agents. Some markets are not, but we are fortunate in this regard. Look for a company, or an agent that someone else says is the best. Be a little wary when they say they themselves are the best!

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