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Where homebuyers LOOK on the web

According to the 2012 NAR (National Association of Realtors) profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, most buyers look to the local Multiple Listing Service website to view local listings prior to purchase.  Next, they look at, the gorilla website in America, followed closely by agent’s websites. I just revamped my agent website at with a great search feature making it easy to …

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Iowa City Real Estate Checkup for Fall of 2009 – Q & A

1) The Current Condition of Real Estate in Iowa City? The residential real estate market, and as a following indicator, the commercial real estate markets are currently guarded, but healthy. Historically, for the last 20 years, or so, homes have increased in value by about 4% per year, have sold in 90-120 days and have sold for about 98% of what they were listed …

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Home sale prices off 10% for 2008

Yikes! Home prices for 2008 will be down 10% nation wide! Some markets like Miami are down almost 30%, followed by San Francisco which is down by 25%. Iowa City is somewhat insulated from national trends, but it not immune to the influence of national real estate trends.

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NAR home sales prediction

So, what’s the deal? We’re all trying to look into the crystal ball and see what our home value future is. Well, the NAR is indicating that 2005 was a banner year for sales, they dipped and will be increasing through 2007 and 2008. Keep in mind that these are numbers of sales and not sales prices, but it is good news for the …

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Sales checkup

So, how’s it going so far this year for sales? I only ask because I keep hearing about a tough sales market in real estate, and since I’m a real estate broker, it matters to me how the market is. And, it’s not just a professional interest, this is how I make my livelyhood! Well, I looked up home sales in our market for …

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Modest Gains Expected for 2007 Home Sales!

Walter Molony of the National Association of Realtors says we’re in for an increase in the number of homes sold nationallly. 2005 was a banner year with 7.03 million home units sold. Last November, (2006) the annual 2006 sales were 6.28 million and should be rising gradually in 2007. It is early yet, but this news fits with what’s happening in the Iowa City …

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Welcome to Jeff’s Iowa City Real Estate Blog

Welcome. Local real estate news, that is real real estate news is hard to come by. We’ll fix that! I will sift the statistics and facts and post information relevant to a buyer’s or seller’s interests in Iowa City area real estate.

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