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FLOOD of 2013???

We certainly hope there will no flooding in Coralville, nor Iowa City.  The Corps of Engineers and the City officials are doing all they can to control what they can, but nature is nature, and we may have some flooding locally.  Here is a list of properties in the area that are available and vacant.  Some landlords may allow temporary occupancy and some may …

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Mark Nolte from ICAD addresses CRT

Mark Nolte gave a very exciting and informative report about his efforts on behalf of the Creative Corridor and Iowa City development.  Mark, Iowa City Area Development director, addressed the Iowa City Area Realtors Commercial Round Table committee today at noon.  Mark reports that all of Iowa is now an EB5 Program approved zone allowing foreign nationals obtain green cards by investing and employing people locally. …

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Jeff Joins Lepic-Kroeger, Realtors as partner

I have re-joined Lepic-Kroeger, Realtors, the largest and one of the oldest Iowa City real estate companies as a broker and partner!  Lepic-Kroeger is the home to many of the areas top real estate agents, and also houses top real estate developers as well.  Now, Lepic-Keorger will have the top commercial real estate team to lead sales and leasing in the area. Rachel Barnes is …

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New Office – New Year

2011 has begun and so has the Iowa City / Coralville Skogman Commercial office. Let’s take a look and see how both fare. I track the average home sales price, the price increase and the list price / sales price ratio as an indicator for the overall health of the Iowa City / Coralville real estate market. In the 29 years I have been …

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Iowa City area 2009 home sales

It’s close enough to the end of the year to have a peek at 2009 home sales for the area. There were 2,331 homes sold for an average $182,708 that sold in an average of 102 days. In 2007 there were 2600 sales and 2300 in 2008. I’d day we’re pretty stable!

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Recession…Iowa City Style

  Yes, we are in a recession and boy am I sick of hearing that. Believe me, I know there are real problems with this economy, but the self fulfilling prophecy aspect of talking about it is another problem altogether. Let’s see what a recession actually means in Iowa City. I have tracked home sales prices in Johnson County since 1981. My method is …

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Dare we hope?

I ran across this Case-Shiller housing index graph. We are all painfully aware of the current news with failing banks and failing countries! The Dow has lost almost 40% of its value this year and the housing market is taking the blame for it all. This chart shows the historic values from 1990 to the present, and as we know, the housing market across …

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2006 real estate review

I keep reading about the real estate bubble, but I don’t believe we have seen any evidence of this in the Iowa City area. Let’s look at the record: In 2006 there were 2607 homes (read residential properties) sold for a total sales volume of $469,413,392. The average sale price was $180,059, houses sold after an average of 107 days on the market, and …

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